Material and Chemical Engineering at AVX

AVX is a leader in the global passive electronic component and interconnect products industry at the forefront of technology, design, manufacturing and supply. AVX enjoys significant competitive advantages, including the benefit of global manufacturing and distribution provided multiple manufacturing facilities located around the globe.
The intern will be assigned a project and will complete it under the supervision of
their team.

Chemical Engineering for Medinol

The full scope of their activity – including research, development, quality control, regulatory affairs, clinical trials, manufacturing, marketing and sales – is conducted in-house. Their diverse and multidisciplinary research team boasts broad experience in physics, mechanical engineering, chemistry, biology, materials and pharmaceutics. Together, they constitute a creative, caring and motivated industry-leading force.
The intern will be assigned to a relevant R&D team for their field of study.

Biotechnology at Biotech startup NovellusDx

NovellusDx identifies tumor specific driver mutations, however unlike sequencing-based tests, our technology is based on a functional assay that detects disregulated translocation of mutated signaling proteins to the nucleus. This allows NovellusDx to identify functionally-impactful driver mutations regardless of whether the mutation has previously been described or linked to a tumor type. Furthermore, our assay has the capability of measuring the impact of a drug or drug candidate on a specific tumor, specifically in terms of its ability to inhibit the up-regulated signaling protein translocation to the nucleus.

60+ More Engineering Internships

Energiya Global​: An international renewable energy company focused on the development and management of utility-scale solar fields in renewable energy emerging markets. Energiya works with energy financial partners, governments, development groups and institutions to structure socially responsible investments.


NGNeedle: A company creating a bio-impedance needle that can distinguish between different kinds of tissues by measuring their electrical properties.


Dueteron Technologies: Electronic engineering firm which provides electronics to the State of Israel as well as the Weizmann Institute. The firm is a supplier of miniature neural recording and stimulating equipment for research with freely moving animals.


Plus dozens of other Engineering internships.

Mechanical Engineer for Robotic Startup Nua Robotics

The intern will create great Solid mechanical designs so that Fellow will be able to produce them in the Chinese factories and implement them in their prototype.

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