USA Internship Programs

While jInternship does not offer programs in America, there are a two organizations that offer the same great blend of Jewish Learning and Professional Development. Lakewood Fellowships and Meor on the Hill are great resources for students who want to … Continued

Latino Americano

RESUMEN DEL PROGRAMA, J′internship te ofrece una especial oportunidad de emprender tu profesión a través de pasantías internacionales según tu campo laboral, formando tu futuro y participando de clases de judaísmo y paseos por Israel.   TODOS LOS PARTICIPANTES DEBEN … Continued


RESUMO DO PROGRAMA j′Internship oferece uma oportunidade especial para aprimorar sua carreira através de estágios internacionais na sua área de interesse, aulas sobre judaísmo e passeios por todo Israel, moldando, assim, o seu futuro.   TODOS OS PARTICIPANTES DEVEM FALAR … Continued

Onward Israel for Birthright Alumni

Program Description: This eight week program allows you to combine high-level internships in Jerusalem with studies on Jewish and Israeli subjects and interaction with modern Israeli society. Intern with a Jerusalem-based company, study Judaism with top instructors, meet young Israelis and … Continued

Four Month Program

jInternship offers you a rare chance to launch your career with an exciting international internship in your field while building your future through empowering classes. jInternship’s unique four month program is a once in a lifetime opportunity!  You’ll have the … Continued

Summer Session

This is a summer you will always cherish. You’ll make great use of your time as you experience Israel, learn a ton and separate your resume from the pack with an impressive international internship.