USA Internship Programs

While jInternship does not offer programs in America, there are a two organizations that offer the same great blend of Jewish Learning and Professional Development. Lakewood Fellowships and Meor on the Hill are great resources for students who want to both delve deeper into Jewish learning over the summer and also gain access to top-notch internships!

Lakewood Fellowships

The Lakewood Fellowship Intern Program is designed for highly motivated university students who are looking to enhance their careers and their Jewish growth. Participants develop their professional skills through work experience in New York’s business world and have the opportunity to network with industry leaders. The program offers weekend and weeknight Jewish studies as well as inspiring Shabbos weekends in warm, nonjudgmental environments.

For six weeks, students from leading universities such as Penn, Boston, Emory, American, Brandies and Maryland intern at hedge funds, accounting, insurance, real estate firms, and other businesses in NYC’s financial world. Each week from Monday thru Thursday, students work business hours and conclude their work day with Torah classes delivered by premier educators from the New York Region. Students also have the opportunity to meet prominent Jewish business leaders who share their life experiences combining professional success with commitment to the Jewish people.

Dates: Track 1: June 10-July 25; Track 2: June 24-August 7

Cost : $1,000 (plus airfare)

Limited partial scholarships available for qualifying students

Meor on the Hill

MEOR ON THE HILL presents students with an opportunity to take their leadership skills to a completely new level.

MEOR designed the internship as a two-part program:  The Washington, DC internship is combined with Sinai Retreats in order to provide a summer of turbo-charged leadership activity.  The study program teaches ethics and moral values and the Capitol Hill internship offers an experience in practical activism. One must complete one of the summer sessions of Sinai Retreats in order to apply for the DC internship.

Please see the FAQ section for further details.

For more information, please contact Rabbi Zvi Teitelbaum.