Communications Programming at Innitel

A professional programming experience!
Develop the telecommunciations switchboard system of the company using Linux and Asteriks environments. Work will mostly encompass PHP and MySQL programming.
Full stack, backend and front end development projects available.

Developer of Management Software at Verisae

A hi-tech company providing productivity workforce management software to companies in the utility, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail and general service industries.
The intern will be involved with development of projects integrating the company’s organizational development framework with web systems. A variety of projects are available based on the skill level of the student. Projects include interface mapping, mobile applications, applications connected to social networks, and more.

Developing new Software for IBM

IBM is a technology giant worth more than $117.5 billion. The intern will work with experienced developers on cutting edge technological products, that will change the face of technology.

150+ More Tech and Programming internships

Digital Clay: Gain vast experience in building information management systems for this Jerusalem software company who build systems for some of Israel’s leading companies, universities and government agencies.


200Apps: An app development company producing top quality native mobile and web apps. The development intern will be working alongside the development team on projects ranging from website to apps.


WayCare: A Tel Aviv start up which aims to optimize all facets of city operations by leveraging machine learning technologies and predictive analytics. Waycare’s first solution is an accident prediction platform which enables municipalities to proactively prevent accidents before they occur.


Plus dozens of other Programming and Tech internships.

Software Development for ICS2

Join the technical development team of this cyber start up. Founded in 2013, ICS² is the first cyber security company focusing on protecting the control system of power, oil, gas, and petrochemicals plants.

They have evolved between the IT world and the OT world of embedded systems, complex wireless solutions, and with various industrial control systems (DCS, PLC, HMI, MES, SCADA).

Simultaneously, they pioneered breakthroughs in complex computer science algorithms including computer vision, online and offline optimization algorithms, machine learning and complex Big Data handling.

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