Confidence In My Decision

I was a participant of the jInternship program during the summer of 2013 and a bit into the fall. I stayed at Ohr Somayach for 4 months while I was a research intern at the Shaare Zedek Hospital Emergency under the supervision of Dr. Alpert and Dr. Zalud. During my time there, I set up a research project on family presence during non-invasive procedures and another project on the efficiency of on-call emergency first responders. The former is still in the process of recruiting doctors to aid us in research, while the latter has been accepted by the American Journal of Emergency Medicine. That’s right, because of my four month internship, I am a published author in a medical journal. When I wasn’t doing research, I was in the Emergency performing EKGs and entertaining hospital staff and patients. My limited Hebrew made it difficult to get by, but everyone that surrounded me was very supportive and I enjoyed their company as well. As one group of binot sheirut (girls opted out of the army and decided to volunteer) left, I was involved in training the new batch of girls and helping them become more efficient in their work. I learned a lot of Hebrew by asking and became very good at understanding hospital terminology based on EKGs and helping out.

After doing enough EKGs and showing them to doctors, I became an untrained reader. I looked at the 12 lines and was able to see whether or not a doctor was needed right away. I didn’t become a professional, but I picked up on minute details to look for. When there was dead time, I was allowed to explore the hospital and sit in on procedures. After catching a myocardial infarction in an EKG test, I was allowed to follow the doctors to the operating room and watch the cardiac catheterization. It made me feel like I was involved in saving a man’s life, and he was only the first.

All of the running an ER doctor had to do made me sure that it was not the type of medicine that would be right for me, but the internship strengthened my belief that medicine was the right path for me. Because of it, I am heavily considering the path of cardiology. I made great friends at the yeshiva I stayed at and the hospital I was an intern at. I still keep in touch with many people involved in that experience with me and it was a 4 month experience I won’t forget.

Navid Elie