Why Onward Israel JInternship?


Thousands of Jewish students and graduates have chosen Onward Israel jInternship

    • To land a great international internship.
    • Because they’re Jewish.


With Onward Israel jInternship you are not choosing to go to Brussels, London or Tokyo; you are choosing to go to Israel. Onward Israel jInternship embraces your desire to plug-in Jewishly and offers you a unique and balanced program that features an internship in your field at a top-Israeli company, along with touring and relevant and empowering classes on Judaism at a level that makes sense for you.

As an intern with Onward Israel jInternship, you will enjoy a variety of benefits including:

Over 1200 internships in nearly every industry

Work side-by-side with Israelis forming authentic relationships

Get credit for your time abroad

International networking before you graduate

You’ll have free time to explore and experience Israel

Get a competitive edge on your career goals

Innovative programs geared to helping you learn

Subsidized programs and incredible scholarships

Connect to your heritage

We offer over 1200 internships in nearly every industry

Our host companies include niche fields like Oceanography and Sports Agents, to fortune 500 companies like Deloitte and the Waldorf Astoria.

What to Expect:

  • At your internship you will typically work at least 30 hours per week during your internship component.
  • Internship tasks vary based on the industry and nature of the work environment, but you can typically expect to receive a project that you will see through from beginning to end.
  • Most Israeli companies treat their interns like one of the staff from day one so you can expect to attend meetings and be given real responsibilities.


You’ll soon see that Israelis and their “sandals and blue jeans – let’s get it done attitude” translates into a great professional experience!

Choose Your Track!

Applications for Winter ’20-’21, Spring ’21 and Summer ’21 now open

Life Training + Internship

Life Training + Internship

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Jewish Learning + Internship

Jewish Learning + Internship

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Campus Based Programs + Internship

Campus Based Programs + Internship

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