It’s all about Experience

jInternship has helped me tremendously in starting my career as a Software Developer and furthering my knowledge and growth as a Jew. When I graduated college, I had no real technical experience and I was unsure how I would find a job. My Rabbi told me about jInternship and they provided me with a great internship at eMobile Inc. At eMobile, I was trained on various technologies used in the industry and I was given a project to update a Blog site that the company managed. After the internship I was more confident in my skills and abilities to perform for future employers. I finally felt that I now had some real experience to put on my resume and to get started with a career. The door had finally been opened and shortly thereafter I was offered a position as a Software Engineer at PEPID, a medical informatics company. Until recently, I was with PEPID coding websites and web applications, however, now I am a Software Developer with ReachOut Healthcare America, a dental company. ReachOut has offered me a great opportunity to continue furthering my coding skills.
I am also very thankful to jInternship for the amazing opportunity I was given to spend an extended amount of time in Israel. I had so much fun taking different trips around Israel and learning about the land, the history, and the food! All of the Rabbis at Ohr Somayach were very kind, helpful, and knowledgeable and yet they still knew how to have a good time. Thank You jInternship for the incredible life changing opportunity you have given me.

Andrew Foster