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Onward Israel jInternship offers men’s and women’s programming, where our inspiring staff share valuable life skills culled from their observant Jewish tradition.

Select a program below to see its dates and details. If you have any further questions please contact us.

Men’s Programs



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Program Dates: June 14 – August 8, subject to change
Application Deadline: May 1

Week 1-2: Full time trips and classes. Week 3-8: Internships on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. Wednesday will be education and touring. Weekly night class and some Shabbats at Aish, some out.

$399 + Airfare; All inclusive! (terms and conditions apply)

We have a staff at Aish that is unique. We have a scientist on staff that teaches science and Torah. We have a fantastic History teacher, and we have staff that really deals with all the hard questions about Judaism. Participants stay in the Old City in dorms. Part of the program is to experience life in the Jewish Quarter, close to the Western Wall. There will be interaction with some of the Yeshiva students and Chavruta learning with them. There will be trips and tours in Jerusalem and around the country.

Program Coordinator: Rabbi Avraham Willig

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Program Dates:

June 7 – August 4, subject to change

Application Deadline: May 1
Note: HISTORICALLY 95% OF MEOR JINTERNSHIP STUDENTS ARE RECRUITED FROM THE MEOR NETWORK. See here for a list of MEOR-affiliated campuses: http://meor.org/campuses/

Week 1 and 8: Full time trips and classes. | Week 2-7: One morning class, intern 6 hours daily. Weekly night class and some Shabbats in.

$899 + cost of first program – MEOR Israel, Vision, etc. All inclusive.

The program consists of a few hours of Jewish learning in the mornings, complemented with a professional internship in the afternoons. Students have the opportunity to ask questions about gender roles, relationships, balancing work and family life, cherished Jewish traditions and women’s leadership in a comfortable and supportive environment that is responsive to their sensitivities and concerns.

Program Coordinator: Rabbi Aharon Grossman
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OHR SOMAYACH - Summer Program


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Half Summer Session

Program Dates: June 12 – August 7, subject to change
Application Deadline: May 1

Week 1: Full time trips and learning. | Week 2-8:  Work 9am – 2pm Classes 4pm – 7pm  Some Shabbats at Ohr Somayach

$399 + Airfare; All inclusive! (terms and conditions apply)

Why is the OS jInternship such a smashing success?

It’s because OS jInternship is an Ivy League program. It’s a program designed specifically for the accomplished and intellectual intelligent University student /graduate. Not only will you obtain a high quality, career launching internship, but you’ll be able to explore the fundamentals of Judaism in an intellectual environment. Ohr Somayach is proud of its highly qualified teaching staff. A number of the rabbis you’ll be studying with have doctorates in fields as diverse as philosophy, linguistics and law and have been members of the faculties of prominent universities.

But, that’s not all. After a rigorous working and learning schedule you’ll have a chance to relax and let off steam. Nobody parties like OS jInterns. Among our many extracurricular activities is the Mentor’s Mission (Winter & Summer sessions), where you’ll spend 5 days being wined and dined, touring the country and learning from some of the most successful businessman you may ever meet. It’s your chance to network with the best.

Program Coordinator: Rabbi Saul Mandel

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Women’s Programs

Aish Women jInternship

Aish Women jInternship

Session 1 Program Dates: May 29 – July 23
Application Deadline: April 1

Session 2 Program Dates: June 12 – August 6
Application Deadline: May 12

Program break down:
First 10 days: classes/workshops/trips
Regular: 4 days internships and 1 days classes/workshops/trips

$399 + Airfare (terms and conditions apply)

The program is designed for young women who want to get back to the basics and build their own foundations in Jewish learning. Aspire is about personal, spiritual, and professional development though inspiring classes to find questions and answers about Jewish practice, philosophy and spirituality. We encourage group bonding, fun, and friendships. The women become part of our family, and have the chance to ask questions and do self-work through workshops on topics such as integrating Jewish growth to family life and how to grow through ‘baby steps’. Our students come out inspired and developed in all realms.

All program dates are subject to change and should be verified with Onward Israel jInternship staff prior to making travel arrangements.


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