Academic Research Assistant Intern for Clinical Sexuality Publications

Academic Research Assistant Intern for Clinical Sexuality Publications

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internship0000050 Henrietta Szold Hadassah Hebrew University School of Nursing

An academic clinician, senior lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine and School of Nursing at a prestigious Israeli University. The clinician has 2 active clinics in sexuality and intimacy counseling, does research and publish in those areas, and lectures extensively.

The intern will assist in the preparation of manuscripts for publication in international journals, including reading, researching and taking a vital part in the writing process. The writing skills require organization of materials, delineation of topics and subtopics, integrative writing, and referencing as per scholarly work.



Solid background in writing reference-based reviews of literature and be skilled in doing searches for literature. Background in pre-med, nursing or psychology preferred. High work ethics, ability to work independently. The intern will be asked to provide an example of academic writing with references for evaluation.


Hebrew Required:



If contribution by the intern is significant, there is a possibility of including the intern as an author in the publication. This is not a guarantee and would need to be contracted and assessed during the process. The intern will gain professional understanding of sexuality and intimacy, a topic that is a major component of adult life satisfaction and quality of life.