Developer for a Tracking Technology Tool

Developer for a Tracking Technology Tool

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Founded in 2010, they have developed the first ever, pure software, face and eye tracking, for any mobile device. With simple app downloads, any device can become capable of seeing the user and looking him in the eye opening new possibilities in many markets (Gaming, Advertising, Sports, Wearable AR/VR etc.) but especially healthcare where looking at the user's eyes is a window to diagnosing their brain activity. Things like ADHD, concussions, strokes, autism, Parkinson's and more can all be seen through the eyes. This means that with no extra hardware any mobile can become an advanced medical device diagnosing and tracking brain activity, dramatically impacting major healthcare markets.

1. Do code improvement (with an experienced supervisor) using a code anlysis tool. 2. Write/convert test cases for automation tool. Student with advanced skills will be assigned with implementing/enhancing the tool. 3. Other tasks – as might be needed by then



Experience programming in JAVA and/or C++


Hebrew Required: