General Management Intern for a Boutique Hotel

General Management Intern for a Boutique Hotel

  • Jerusalem
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internship0000974 Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem

A boutique, international, luxury hotel, located in the center of Jerusalem. In landmark destinations around the globe, this chain of hotels reflect the history and heritage of their extraordinary locations. Your personal concierge, and our entire staff, is dedicated to delivering impeccable service with modern sensibilities and providing personalized attention at every opportunity – while planning your stay, before you arrive, while you are staying with us, and even upon departure.

The intern will be assigned to a variety of departments throughout their internships as needed by the hotel.



Multi-faceted individual Independent and go-getter personality Personal and socially comfortable Coming from a top tier university 3.5+ GPA Minimum sophomore year of university


Hebrew Required:



Great opportunity to get a well rounded image of the hotel industry.