Linguistic Engineers for an Educational Tool

Linguistic Engineers for an Educational Tool

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internship0001655 MadFairy Foundation

Our mission is to make the learning experience magical. We've developed a software that converts any document into a mobile game which helps to memorize and understand the document's content. This is done by automatic creation of trivia questions, a process based on breakthroughs made in recent years in the field of natural language processing.

This intern will be working to modify and adjust our system so it would have better results in the process of converting documents into trivia questions. It’s an extremely challenging role since we’re building the best system in the world for converting documents into games. The details of the position includes: Creating Regex patterns based on POS tagging and Entity Recognition. Using semantic role labellers to analyse various parts of sentences and reconstruct them into questions with correct answers. Creating a library of patterns in order to collect distractors (wrong answers) from a document.



Expert-level understanding of the English Language. Excellent Technical background


Hebrew Required: