Management Assistant for a Community Building Organization

Management Assistant for a Community Building Organization

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internship0000150 The Jerusalem Foundation

An international non-profit organization whose goal is the improvement of the quality of life for all citizens of Jerusalem. They engage in community buliding and improving economic vitality, engaging in coexistence efforts, and developing cultural life and creativity. They have completed over 4000 projects throughout the city.

The intern will be involved with three different but connected projects: 1. Mapping the gardens and parks of Jerusalem. This will include site visits, information gathering, taking photos and reporting on the condition of the parks to the Director of the US Desk. 2. The intern will help develop the Haas Promenade as a refuge for the people of Jerusalem, promote the area as a bubble of normalcy and social interaction, develop the area’s educational opportunities and restore, supervise and protect the playgrounds and amphitheaters. The intern will help devise a plan and conducting an assessment of how many people currently visit the sites and for what purposes and will work with the task force to articulate goals and set in motion a structured and methodical planning process. 3. Research and development: The intern will be tasked with building connections between donors in the West and South-west United States and Israel. This will involve identifying potential donors as well as unearthing old connections and renewing them.



Requires solid organizational skills and interest/background in business administration, good computer skills and comprehension, knowledge of Outlook, Office.


Hebrew Required:



Experience the running and management of a huge non-profit foundation from a senior position.