Research Intern for a Medical Technology Investment Consulting Firm

Research Intern for a Medical Technology Investment Consulting Firm

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We specialize in helping our clients present the best possible business case to investors and strategic partners. We work closely with our clients to craft tailored investor presentations, business plans, financials, and market analysis reports to help our clients pass through the investor screening and due diligence process. We also assist investors and multinationals in sourcing and assessing medical device, diagnostic, pharma, biotech and digital health opportunities. Our group operates globally with clients based in the US, EU, and Israel.

Update – Summer ’18: ImagineBio used to work with small Israeli medical innovation companies (med tech, pharma, diagnotstics etc) and help them find investors which would help them prepare for commercialization. Now he is shifting gears 180 degrees. He is working mainly with the investors and strategic companies that are looking for tech in Israel. Now he represents the VC groups as opposed to the smaller companies. He is going to be scouting for Israeli talent on their behalf. That venture is still in its infancy stage and its hard for him to predict how busy he’ll be with it this summer. He also has a chocolate company that he runs with his wife, which I think I mentioned to you earlier. They studied the health benefits of pure chocolate (100% cocoa) and are working on producing this product and bringing it to the general market. He is forecasting that he’ll be more involved with this venture by this summer. He generally works from home but will work from a shared office space this summer together with an intern. ———————- Interns will focus on identifying, researching and categorizing Israeli bio-medical/veterinary start-ups, sources of capital (private equity and VC and corporate VC, both in Israel and abroad), Pharma and MedTech companies (by areas of focus and interest) and medical technology incubators in Israel. Interns might also have the opportunity to help with research for articles that will be published in a major, international medical technology newsletter.



Ideal for a business student with an interest in finance and biomedicine, or a medical student with business interests.


Hebrew Required:



Get an inside view of the business and investment side of medical technology development in Israel.