Research Intern for an Academic Department

Research Intern for an Academic Department

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internship0000454 The Department of International Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Our department is one of the few departments in Israel and elsewhere that offers a specialization in international relations at the undergraduate level. As such it offers its students a wide variety of courses dealing with the various aspects of international politics.

Assist the fellows of this institute with research in the following areas: The Impact of Immigration-related Threat Perceptions on the European Security Community; The Political Legacies of Combat: Attitudes towards War and Peace among Israeli Ex-combatants from the Second Intifada; Israel-European Economic Community Relations; 1957-1975 Monitoring political discourse in the international domain: theoretical, methodological and conceptual challenges; Women, War and the State: Israel in the Second Intifada; Cyberspace as a ‘Border Zone’: How Israel Imposes its Sovereignty and Enforcement Capacities in Cyberspace; Collective Trauma and Ethno-Religious Conflicts in World Cinema (1990s-2010); The Role of Distributive Arrangements in International Economic Law in a Volatile Global Economy



Strong research and writing skills, background in sociology/International Relations/economy/gender studies/history/international law/communication, and related areas


Hebrew Required: