Personal Development

The entire setup of jInternship is a really good idea. On my particular program, we had six weeks
of intensive Jewish studies, six weeks of internship, and then another three weeks of study. I really
adored the classes, which ranged from topics of Jewish philosophy to real world issues to chumash
studies and everything in between. There was a great variety of angles and topics, meaning there was
always something for everyone to relate to. I really love learning torah, and this atmosphere was so
relaxed and accepting, I felt completely comfortable asking any question that came to mind and
expecting a thoughtful and informative answer.

In addition, I had a really amazing time on my internship! I was working with Segula magazine.
When I first arrived to the office, I wasn’t sure what to expect, for I didn’t have any history with indesign
and was mostly an illustrator and graphics artist. They put me to work quickly enough! At first I
was only editing photographs to make them ready for print, but once my supervisors saw what I was
capable of, they started letting me make illustrations and graphics for the magazine itself. This was
terribly exciting to me, for in the end I even got to make the cover illustration for the English edition of
the December issue! This experience is currently the star piece of my resume.

I didn’t only appreciate the experience for the professional benefits, however. The people I was
working with were really warm and welcoming, very patient with my questions and quite willing to show
me all the interesting ins and outs of the industry. It was really nice to be in such a relaxed atmosphere
and get some context outside of school for seeing how the regular citizens of Israel think about their
world. Often when I was worried about political tensions, seeing the calm way my co-workers talked
about the situation put me at ease. People are really what make the difference in any given situation,
and when the time came for me to leave my internship and go back to my studies, I was sad indeed!
All in all, I had a stellar time on this program. It was totally worth it on so many levels, and I’d
highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in spending time in Israel and enjoys a healthy learning
environment. It was an amazing experience!

Sam Perrin