Living in Israel

I participated in the JInternship program in the summer of 2013. I had just
completed my second year of law school and knew I needed to get some meaningful
experience on my resume. I also wanted an experience that was different and cool.
Something to help me standout, as I was getting ready to apply for jobs the following

What attracted me to JInternship was obviously the fact that they had
internships available in the field of law, but also the fact that they seemed flexible
and willing to accommodate my preferences.

After a fairly quick and relatively painless process, I landed a great internship
working for a law firm in Jerusalem. The particular lawyer who mentored me was a
litigator, originally from Chicago, who had made Aliyah in his early twenties, and
had been practicing law in Israel for over 20 years. He was really a great guy, who
really wanted to help me start my career.

I got some great experience working alongside interesting individuals, and
working on incredible cases. I tagged along with lawyers to attend in court and
during mediations. I got great hands-on experience doing research, drafting legal
documents, and interacting with clients.

Everyone else who I spoke with on the program also truly enjoyed their
internship experience, in all sorts of different fields.

In addition to the internship itself, the JInternship experience was great. A
bunch of us lived in beautiful accommodations in Jerusalem. The house we lived in
was large, beautiful, and clean. The neighbourhood was quiet and beautiful and we
were five minutes away from the heart of the city!

We were completely independent during our time in Israel and got to
experience the country for ourselves. We had plenty of time on weekends to travel
around and enjoy everything Israel has to offer.

One of the best parts of the experience was the two-week trip that preceded
the internship. Instead of being thrown straight into an internship, I got to tour the
country with other young Jewish students from across North America. Very few
experiences in life are better than an organized trip around Israel. I got to see great
sights, meet wonderful people, and learn new things about Israel and Judaism that I
hadn’t known before.

I honestly recommend the experience for any student who is currently
looking for work experience, a fun adventure, and a way to stand out from the
crowd. When I got back from Israel and started interviewing for jobs, everyone was
amazed and interested in my experience working at a law firm in Jerusalem. It made
for an interesting conversation! I was able to land a job and now I’m currently
articling at a law firm in Toronto.

Uri Snir, Toronto