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 If you are a high-achieving undergrad business or a pre-medical student who wants to get ahead, then this is for you. Olami, together with Onward Israel jInternship and Lakewood Fellowship, is launching a VIRTUAL internship program.

If you are selected, you will engage in a four-to-six-week virtual business or medical internship program. The internship will give you the opportunity to gain valuable networking and working experience from industry leaders in the medical or business fields.

Are you ready for an internship that will give you
a wealth of global experience in six short weeks?

What to expect from the
business internship

You will engage in a full, four-to-six-week virtual business internship, where you will work on solving real-life assignments for renowned financial firms, real estate leaders and tech start-ups from the USA, UK and Israel. You and a group of hand-picked interns will consult for international companies, attend lectures and take on various challenges presented to you.

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The Virtual Business Internship will run from July 1-31

Program Cost $100

The following companies will form part of this internship program:

What to expect from the
medical ethics internship

You will engage in a full, four-to-six-week virtual medical internship program, where you will work under leading medical professionals, tour med-tech facilities all over Israel and specialize in various sections of medicine, including: OBGYN, geriatrics, pain management, pediatrics, psychiatry and internal medicine, and explore ethical decisions related to those aspects of medicine.
You will also attend talks with the Israeli Minister of Health and other top medical speakers throughout the program, run by Dr. Wilbur, who will personally write you a letter of recommendation at the end of your internship.

The virtual medical ethics internship will run from July 1-August 13

Program Cost $100

The following medical experts will form part of this internship program:

Rabbi Dr.
Tzvi Wilbur

Deena Zimmerman

Rabbi Professor
Avraham Steinberg

Dr. Robert

Dean Professor
Tzvi Dwolatzsky

Dr. Carolyn
Fein Levy

Rabbi Dr.
Ahron Glatt

Rabbi Dr.
Howard Apfel

Rabbi Dr.
Eddie Reichman

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