Aish for Men


The Aish Men program is the perfect opportunity for the college student or young professional who is interested in a meaningful and enriched summer, personally, Jewishly, and professionally. In addition to career making internships, you will also benefit from the knowledgeable, highly educated, traditional staff and one of the most incredible locations in the entire Israel. You will have the opportunity to live in the Old City in the Aish dorms. Part of the program is to experience life in the Jewish Quarter, close to the Western Wall. You will interact, engage and discuss with the Yeshiva students, and travel Israel to explore, engage and discuss with Israelis from the north to the south.


Rabbi Avraham Willig



Program dates & details

Program Dates: June 12 – August 8
Application Deadline: April 11
Cost: $399 + Airfare; All inclusive! (terms and conditions apply)


2 Months


Program break down:
First 10 days: Sessions focusing on Judaism, Jewish identity, and personal development/workshops/trips
Internship period: 4 days internships and 1 days classes/workshops/trips
4 weekends together, 4 free weekends