Meor Business


Look forward to this program in Summer 2025! This program combines a high-caliber business internship with the exploration of Jewish thought from a traditional Jewish perspective. This internship program will give you all the experience you need to get ahead! Participants will be among like-minded business interns, be able to explore the world of international business and Jewish business ethics. The program is run by Torah-observant staff and includes learning sessions based on traditional texts and wisdom.


Rabbi Gershenfeld



Program dates & details

Program Dates: Summer 2025
Cost: $549 + airfare


2 Months


Program break down:
First 10 days: Sessions focusing on Judaism, Jewish identity, and personal development/workshops/trips
Internship period: 5 days internships and 3 evening classes/workshops focusing on Jewish business ethics and professional development
4 weekends together, 4 free weekends

All professional activities are co-ed. Majority of the Jewish programming is single-gender.