Meor for Men


The program consists of a few hours of Jewish learning in the mornings, complemented with a professional internship in the afternoons. Students have the opportunity to ask questions about gender roles, relationships, balancing work and family life, cherished Jewish traditions and women’s leadership in a comfortable and supportive environment that is responsive to their sensitivities and concerns.


Rabbi Shlomo Gershenfeld



Program dates & details

Program Dates: June 12 – August 7, subject to change
Application Deadline: April 11
Cost: $399 + flight


2 Months


Program break down:
First 4 days: Sessions focusing on Judaism, Jewish identity, and personal development/workshops/trips
Internship period: 5 days internships and 3 evening classes/workshops focusing on Jewish business ethics and professional development
4 weekends together, 4 free weekends