Haifa Medical Program


Look forward to this program in Summer 2025! Gain real world experience in a rare opportunity to spend the summer at the Technion American Israeli Medical School. If you are a Jewish pre-med student that is looking for an amazing career advantage- this internship will give you all the experience you need to get ahead! Participants choose between either research projects or shadowing, get to network with the Technion staff, and deepen their understanding of Jewish medical ethics. The program is run by Torah-observant staff and includes learning sessions based on traditional texts and wisdom.


Shana Frank


Technion, Haifa

Program dates & details

Program Dates: Summer 2025
Cost: $649+ flight


2 Months


First 10 days of programming in Jerusalem and then move up to Haifa for internship. During the internship period 4 days a week intern, 1 day programming and workshops