Step forward in my professional life

With jInternship I was able to take a step forward in my professional life by being able to
set up an internship in the world famous Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital. I participated in a
research with doctors and engineers, calculating and analyzing the displacement of the
scaphoid bone during fractures. Although the language was a barrier, Bashi and Jeff made
sure I found an internship with English speakers, so the transition was very smooth and the
work done was at the best quality.

Living in Israel changes your perspective on life, not only in the professional aspect. Living
and sharing experiences with Israelis, and Olim Chadashim, makes you realize that you
have to step out of your comfort zone and strive to excel in everything you do. Besides,
learning Hebrew in the Ulpan and rediscovering ones Jewish roots gives you an insight as
to the reason of the success of our people.

Today, I work as a technical and sales engineer at a new medical company in Panama. We
bring innovative medical solutions from Israel to all of Latin America. Being in jInternship
gave me the capability and the tools to excel at my current job, by being able to speak
Hebrew fluently and understanding the Israeli culture. Also, it gave me ability to showcase
a less known side of Israel that Latin America is not used to.

I would definitely recommend jInternship to whomever wants to take a leap forward in
their career path; desire to take some time off and enjoy Israel and rediscover you.

David Neuman