My Career Springboard

It was mid May in Israel and I had just finished a two week program. I’d been traveling for 7 or 8 days and
had one more before I was to check in with the folks at jInternship. Back in the states I video interviewed
for a couple internships, but hadn’t heard back from the one I had my heart on. I figured life goes on and
option number 2 was still a solid internship. That’s when I got the call from the jInternship team informing
me that my first option, the venture capital firm, had selected me. L’ chaims were had!

The internship was amazing. I got to work on meaningful projects that really helped the startups get off
the ground. I met a ton of people I still keep in touch with. jInternship also has a mentor weekend. They
fly successful business people and mentors out to spend a weekend full of programs with each of the

While schmoozing with various mentors, I came across a person that was familiar with my home town. He
asked if I was familiar with top nationwide private equity Real Estate investment firm located in my home
town. I told him I hadn’t, and asked if he could introduce us. He kindly said he’d connect us and the rest
is history. When I arrived home for fall semester I interned for the firm and was offered a position upon
graduation. I wouldn’t have been considered for the job if I wasn’t selected for the Venture Capital
internship. I wouldn’t have known about my current firm if I hadn’t done jInternship. It’s funny how things
work out when you take a leap.

Jacob Mart