Working As An Intern At Melabev

I have only spent 6 days working at Melabev, but I have already learned so much. Working at Melabev has not only opened up my eyes to the difficulties people face when caring for elderly who have Alzheimers or dementia, but also has taught me a great deal about what it means to be a caring, giving person. There are two major things that I have noticed during my time at Melabev.

First off, the care and concern that the volunteers and employees have for the Melabev elderly/patients is incredible. The kind of passion and responsibility that these individuals take upon themselves to keep these elderly people as happy and safe as possible is a kind of treatment that I have not seen before. I came to Melabev not only to gain work experience, but also to give back to the Jewish communities in Israel. Working in this community has been one of the greatest experiences because of the unity and passion that everybody feels when it comes to helping each other.

Second, I have learned the importance of a smile- not just for this work setting, but also for life. I have noticed that even when a patient is in a bad mood or utterly confused, smiling at them cheers them up right away and I usually receive a smile in return. Even when a patient begins telling me a lengthy story (that may or may not make complete sense), my simple smile makes them feel understood and appreciated. I know this to be true because this smiling technique has worked even in very difficult situations- one in which I needed a patient to return to her seat for lunch when she was adamant about

Devorah Shamilov

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