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Following your interview with the Internship Coordinator, you must pay a non-refundable $549 deposit if you want to proceed to the next phase of the process, namely, having the Internship Coordinator actively trying to place you with Israeli companies. Time is a very valuable commodity and it is hard for companies to justify spending time to evaluate resumes and conduct interviews with candidates who are not committed to joining them in Israel. The deposit gives Israeli companies peace of mind that candidates are serious about traveling overseas to join their company.

You cannot use an M2 voucher for the jInternship program. However, you will receive the equivalent of the M2 voucher for your jInternship program, and you can hold onto your M2 voucher to use at a later time.

Phase 1: Application is due six weeks before the program start-date; deposit is due four weeks before the program start-date.

Phase 2: application is due four weeks before the program start-date; deposit is due three weeks before the program start-date.

The program is very competitive and resumes are sent to host-companies on a first-come, first-served basis. Students are encouraged to begin the application process six months before the program start-date to maximize the chances of placing with their preferred host-company.

No. Most of your co-workers will have a strong command of the English language. If you speak Hebrew, make sure to let the Internship Coordinator know because this may broaden your search.
The names of many host companies do not appear in listing. You’ll learn more about these companies when you speak to our Internship Coordinator. Many host companies prefer to remain anonymous on the jInternship website since they do not accept resumes for foreign interns independently. Instead, they enjoy the fact that jInternship assists them in screening candidates, assisting with housing, securing airfare, providing orientations and all the other details that the host-companies prefer not to worry about – but the details that make for an enjoyable experience.
No. You should read through the FAQs for the session you are interested in attending. Not only do the different sessions vary in length and cost, they also vary with regards to numerous other details.
Yes! Students can receive credits for both components of the program. Several of our partner learning programs offer credits for the courses on Jewish studies. Additionally, many students work out arrangements for receiving credits for the internship experience from the appropriate department chair in advance of the program. This usually entails writing a report and having the internship supervisor sign off that a certain number of hours were logged at the workplace. WHAT CAN I EXPECT FROM THE JEWISH LEARNING PROGRAM?
You will learn from internationally-acclaimed rabbis and presenters on a variety of Jewish topics. There are a variety of different programs offered at different levels. To find out specific information about each program, click on the links from the individual institutions. As part of the process, you will interview directly with the Jewish Learning program; this will give you a chance to get a clear picture of what to expect.
Students who graduated from a Jewish High school require a scholarship nomination from a local Olami representative AND will only be eligible to join an onward Israel session if they apply for a special exemption, of which there are a limited number.
Almost! You will need to be accepted by our educational team, as well as sign the terms, conditions and medical form before receiving your official acceptance to the program.

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Onward Israel jInternship places Jewish university students and recent graduates with high-caliber internships at top Israeli and American companies and organizations in dozens of different fields. It’s a great way to get a leg up in your career since a professional international experience in Israel or internship with one of our premier American host companies will separate your resume from the pack.