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Onward Israel jInternship partners with over 1100 companies in Israel.The result: you’ll be sure to land a quality international internship in your field and gain that competitive edge on your career path.

Why Onward Israel jInternship?

Onward Israel jInternship starts with the premise that you want to come to Israel for two reasons:
To experience Israel
(via tours and bonding with Israelis)
To land a great international internship.

To explore your Jewish connection

(Learn from leading Jewish educators about personal development, Judaism’s relevance today and so much more)

From the Southern Hemisphere?

Interested in our university tracks?

Choose Your Track

Each of our tracks allow you to tap into these 3 items in their own unique way. Check out the tracks and programs below to find your perfect fit.

Onward Israel jInternship programs include:




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*Please note that programs longer longer than 2 months are not sponsored by Onward Israel.

What to Expect

At your internship you will typically work at least 30 hours per week during your internship component.

Most Israeli companies treat their interns like one of the staff from day one so you can expect to attend meetings and be given real responsibilities.
Internship tasks vary based on the industry and nature of the work environment, but you can typically expect to receive a project that you will see through from beginning to end.

In addition to your internship, you’ll enjoy the time with your group, exploring Jewish values and developing a deeper connection to your Judaism.

Build Your Future

Onward Israel jInternship offers inspiring and empowering classes on Judaism presented by the world’s most out-standing Jewish educators. Your resume will show an impressive internship with an Israeli or American firm. Your memories will recall wonderful steps forward in your personal growth through Jewish learning and great times with new friends.

Living in Israel

This is not your birthright trip; it’s not Israel from the tourist’s perspective. In the workplace, you’ll work side-by-side with Israelis forming authentic relationships and friendships that are not typically available to tourists. You’ll live in a regular Israeli neighborhood, not in a hotel.
You can take the light-rail to work like an Israeli, not be shuttled around on touring bus. Also, most programs feature the kind of touring activities that are off the beaten path so you’ll have ample time to explore Israel.

Scholarships (1)


Onward Israel jInternship offers a variety of scholarships so you’ll be sure to make it work with your tight student budget. Scholarship amounts for the Israel programs average around $4,000!

Why Students Choose Onward Israel jInternship

1500+ Internships

Over 1500 internships in nearly every industry.


International networking before you graduate.

Innovative Programs

Innovative programs geared to helping you learn.

Authentic Relationships

You’ll have free time to explore and experience Israel.


You’ll have free time to explore and experience Israel.


Connect to your heritage.


Get credit for your time abroad.

Jewish Identity

Build and develop your Jewish identity while in Israel.


Scholarships allow you to enjoy our program at a cost that fits in your wallet.